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About Artist Yehonatan



A number of years ago, I researched my first name's origin. Jonathan derives from the Hebrew "Yehonatan" (yay-ho-nah-tohn) which translates as "Yahweh has given." Since learning this rich meaning, I have begun signing each piece of artwork with my Hebrew name; reminding me that each artwork is a gift from God. It is He who enables me to dream and express these artistic visions with paint strokes and pencil sketches for His glory and for my joy. 



As a child, my father traveled to a myriad of different countries as a documentary filmmaker. Our household was decorated with an eclectic assortment of textiles and carvings from around the world such as Peru, Greece, India, and New Zealand. This multi-cultural exposure left an impression on me and is now expressed through my art in a whimsical style.


During childhood, I attended speech therapy because I had delayed verbal communication. I found that drawing was a helpful way for me to express myself. I am very thankful for the role art plays in my life. I enjoy the thrill of expression and creativity especially when it comes to reflecting on culture, nature, and scripture. Much of my work could be termed as “folk art” which resonates with my heart to create playfully with child-like wonder. The work samples that I have included display my exploration of various patterns and textures, bold strokes and color schemes.


Nine months ago, I decided to resign from day job in order to pursue my art career full time. Since then I have had several commissions, but I still long to devote my attention to creating a mature body of work and to strengthen my artistic voice.  I have chosen to apply as an Emerging Artist because I have yet to fully establish my personal style and exhibit my work in more professional settings. If I am selected as a fellowship recipient, it would allow me to invest in my work with greater focus and give me the opportunity to meet other artists and creative enthusiasts. Over the months, I’ve come to realize my need to be surrounded by other artists; learning from and encouraging one another. 


Seattle Pacific University - Bachelor of Arts - 2010 

(Studio Art major - Art History minor)


Art Tutoring

Custom Commissions

Logo and Website Design

Creative Workshops


The Freeman - May 2006 - Waukesha, WI

The Richland Observer - April 2011 - Richland Center, WI

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