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Artist / Designer

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


As a child, my father traveled to a myriad of different countries as a documentary filmmaker. Our household was decorated with an eclectic assortment of textiles and carvings from around the world such as Peru, Greece, India, and New Zealand. This multi-cultural exposure left an impression on me and is now expressed through my art in a whimsical style.


During childhood, I attended speech therapy because I had delayed verbal communication. I found that drawing was a helpful way for me to express myself. I am very thankful for the role art plays in my life. I enjoy the thrill of expression and creativity especially when it   to reflecting on culture, nature, and scripture. Much of my work could be termed as “folk art” which resonates with my heart to create playfully with child-like wonder. The work samples that I have included display my exploration of various patterns and textures, bold strokes and color schemes.


In January of 2021, I decided to resign from day job in order to pursue my art career full time. Since then I have had several commissions, but I still long to devote my attention to creating a mature body of work and to strengthen my artistic voice.  I have chosen to apply as an Emerging Artist because I have yet to fully establish my personal style and exhibit my work in more professional settings. If I am selected as a fellowship recipient, it would allow me to invest in my work with greater focus and give me the opportunity to meet other artists and creative enthusiasts. Over the months, I’ve come to realize my need to be surrounded by other artists; learning from and encouraging one another. 

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2010         BA in Studio Art with Art History minor, graduated cum laude from Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, WA
2007 - 08    Colorado Mountain College - Aspen & Glenwood Springs, CO

2007        University of Wisconsin - Richland, Richland Center, WI
2006       Judson University, Elgin, IL
2006       Graduated cum laude, Brookfield East High School, Brookfield, WI

2021         Upcoming Group Exhibition, Oholiab’s Visual Arts Gallery, Milwaukee, WI

2020        Pieces from a Pandemic, Oholiab’s Visual Arts Gallery, Milwaukee, WI
2018        Solo Exhibition at The Space Framing & Art Gallery, Milwaukee, WI
2018        Holiday Show/ Fundraiser, Cloud 9, Milwaukee, WI
2018        Grand Opening/ Silent Auction, Renovatío Art Studio, Milwaukee, WI
2016        Unleashed Conference: Your Work Matters, Elmbrook Church, Brookfield, WI

2015        Holiday RAWk, The Rave/Eagles Club, RAW Artists, Milwaukee, WI
2014        Solo Exhibition, Yéhonatan, Brooklife Church, Mukwonago, WI
2013        Two Group Exhibitions, Elmbrook Church, Brookfield, WI
2012        Solo Exhibition at Brewer Public Library, Richland Center, WI
2010        Seeds of Meditation, Solo Exhibition at Seattle Pacific Art Gallery, Seattle, WA

2009       Group Exhibition, Vineyard Church, Seattle, WA

2008        President’s Transfer Scholar Award, Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, WA

2006        Scholarship Award, Elm Grove Woman’s Club High School Art Show, Elm Grove, WI
2006        Artist of the Year Award, Brookfield East High School, Brookfield, WI
2005        Honorable Mention, Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts, Brookfield, WI

2005        Artist of the Year Award, Brookfield East High School, Brookfield, WI
2004        Best of Show, Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts, Brookfield, WI
2003        Artist of the Year Award, Brookfield East High School, Brookfield, WI

2021        Current: Multi-dimensional painting for fundraiser (16 x 8ft), acrylic paint on canvas, Aug. Prep. Academy, Milwaukee, WI
2018        Zacchaeus in the Tree, acrylic paint on plaster wall, Pattaya, Thailand

2017        Installation piece created for "Re:Frame" business conference at Elmbrook Church

2022 - 23       Large painting for original production "The Passion Prophecies"  by artist collective Bella Folk Co.

2022        Children's Book Illustrations for "Caroline the Caribou" by Steven Kolter
2021        Current: Poster series, Seasons & Celebrations, hand drawn/ digital illustrations, Milwaukee, WI
2021        Mural painting (60 x 13.5ft) on barn, latex paint on sheet metal, Waukesha, WI

2021        Illustration design,, hand drawn/ digital illustrations, Atlanta, GA

2020       Illustration for T-shirt design for, Atlanta, GA
2020       Guest bedroom mural (9 x 4ft), acrylic paint on drywall, New Berlin, WI
2018       Published book illustrations, ink on paper, An Italian Love Story: Surprise and

                        Joy on the Amalfi Coast by James E. Shaw, Campagna Books, Brookfield, WI

2016        Logo design for Podiatry Success Today, Milwaukee, WI
2016        Large-scale installation for Unleashed Conference: Your Work Matters, Elmbrook Church, Brookfield, WI
2015        Logo design for Gio Aceves Photography, Waukesha, WI
2015        Logo design for Evergreen Pharmacy, West Allis, WI
2012        Indoor mural (8 x 12ft), acrylic paint on drywall, Crossfire, Inc., La Crosse, WI

2012        Published book illustrations, ink on paper, An Italian Journey: A Harvest of

                         Revelations in the Olive Groves of Tuscany by James E. Shaw, Compagna Books, Brookfield, WI

2011        Original Large Scale Paintings for Sermon Series, Blackhawk Church, Middleton, WI


2021        Featured Artist, IlluminART Box, Alden, MI
2019        “Open Table” Painting used for branding and print material, Missions Fest, Eastbrook Church, Milwaukee, WI
2012        Dawn Kiefer, “Shaw finds beauty in scripture,” The Observer Newspaper, Richland Center, WI. April 12, 2012. 1A-2A.
2008       Grace Choi, “Students take time to exhale: SPU encouraged to relax and worship through art,” The Falcon Newspaper,                                      Seattle, WA. 6.
2006       Linda McAlpine, “Arts, athletics and faith help senior round out his education,”The Freeman Newspaper, Waukesha, WI.                                    June 2, 2006. 1A & 10A.

2006       Lisabeth Passalis-Bain, “Women honor 34 budding artists,” Elm Leaves

                       Newspaper, Elm Grove, WI, March 30, 2006. 11.


2021      Tiffany Ogle, “A Unique Fundraising Campaign with St. Augustine Prep,” Interview

                       August 27, 2021, WTMJ-4 TV/ The Morning Blend, Milwaukee, WI

2011 - Present     Freelance Artist, Milwaukee, WI

2016 -18        Art Studio Owner/Partnership, Renovatío Art Studio, Milwaukee, WI

2014 -17        Art Teacher, Homeschool Co-op, Beyond the Books Inc, Brookfield, WI

2015 -17        Private Art Tutor for various students, Pewaukee, West Allis, Milwaukee, WI

2013 -17        Co-Leader of after school program K-8th grade (volunteer), Adullam Outreach, Milwaukee, WI

2013            Arts & Crafts Director, Forest Springs Camp, Westboro, WI

2011             Volunteer assisting w/ large scale installations, Wormfarm Institute, Reedsburg, WI

2008           Artist Assitant for Artist Hunt Rettig, Aspen, CO

2008           Frame Shop Attendant, Suitable For Framing, Aspen, CO

2006           Print Handler & Packager,, Milwaukee, WI


2016-18       Studio Facilitator (volunteer) Open Art Studio sessions at Renovatío Art Studio, Milwaukee, WI
2017            Painting Instructor for staff activity at Elmbrook Church, Brookfield, WI

2014-17       Studio Assistant at Stroke of Genius, wine & paint studio, Waukesha, WI
2014           Guest Speaker for seminar & workshop Creativity in a Camp Setting, Christian Camp Conference, WI
2011-12       Art director & facilitator (volunteer) Open Art Studio sessions at Grace Community Church, Richland Center, WI


2020 - Present    Artist Rise Training, Jaroid Henry, New Orleans, LA

2021 - Present     Thriving Christian Artist, Matt Tommey, Asheville, NC

2020 - Present     Oholiab’s Visual Arts Gallery, Milwaukee, WI


2022 - Present     Oholiab’s Visual Arts Gallery, Milwaukee, WI

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