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Over the years, I've come to realize how rewarding it is to share creativity with others, especially the younger generations. Art has the powerful potential to sharpen our senses, enliven our memories, and sooth our anxieties. I have had the privilege of fostering creativity in a variety of environments such as churches, camps, classrooms, homes, and studios.


I currently host tutoring sessions in the

Renovatio Art Studio located at 5209 W North Ave Milwaukee, WI 53208.

Sessions can range from 1.5 - 2 hours depending on preference.

(Feel free to contact me for rates and details)

I have also held tutoring sessions offsite in the homes of the families I tutor for however there is an extra fee for travel and packing the supplies. Let me know if you have any questions regarding this option.


If you are interested in signing up your children for a season of tutoring or if you have any questions, feel free to contact me:



My teaching style is an eclectic blend of art history, demonstration on techniques, observation, self-exploration, and art therapy. Throughout the course of the year, I teach the students to use a wide variety of styles and media from drawing, painting, illustration, printmaking, mixed media, and working with clay. This approach enables the students to get "a taste" of what they really enjoy and helps them find their own "artistic voice." 

I encourage each student to not worry so much about the product but to be present in the process and to have FUN! It is very rewarding to see the students light up when they are pleased with their progress.  

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