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Take a peek into the stylized artwork of Jonathan Shaw. This is a glimpse of his work spanning over a decade of meditational study, playful drawing and paintings full of significance and spiritual depth. Originals and prints are available for sale - visit the store for more details.



Explore the eclectic range of Jonathan's paintings embodying a variety of patterns and meaningful symbols that poetically depict passages of scripture and nature.


Get an inside glimpse at some of my sketchbooks and drafts. Drawing as a kid was how it all began and I love the process of dreaming with a pencil or pen in my hand.



Lino-cut printmaking involves carving a design into linoleum, rolling it with ink and pressing it to make a print. Take a gander at the lino-cut prints I've made over the years.  


I enjoy using Instagram to share what I'm currently working on, my process, and thoughts behind each piece. If you're interested in seeing the "behind the scenes," be sure to follow me at on Instagram.

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