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from clients & customers

Jonathan Shaw is a phenomenal artist. Even in our casual talks about him making a concept piece for me he was very professional. Jon has a way of fusing a strong rooted style into being flexible to what I was specific and unchanging on. 

Brandon C. - commissioned tattoo designs

When I came across Jonathan's web page and saw his piece called, "Tears, Hair, Kisses, Oil" I immediately knew this was the piece I needed to fill my living wall that has been empty for four years. From the detail of the lines to the story the picture tells, I can feel the emotion and love the picture portrays. Jonathan's ministry will have a ripple effect to the people that come into our home. I am so excited to share this with others who ask what this art piece means. Jonathan communicated within a day of my first inquiry and had excellent communication throughout the purchasing process. He was flexible with delivery time and date and was a pleasure to meet.

Jasmin T. - art collector


I love this artist!  Jonathan's work spans from whimsical to very meaningful. The colors he uses are vibrant and crisp; refreshing to the eye.  With his black and white illustrations, you often can explore his works and find small meaningful, purposeful detail.  I have many of his creations on my walls. I also order greeting cards of his works that I send to people I know who are experiencing difficult times; they just bring so much comfort that words alone can’t convey.  His depth of meaning is profound; his imagery is so refreshing. I will be ordering more --- just need to find more wall space!

Debbie K. - art collector 

I gave Jonathan a very difficult task—to illustrate a non-fiction book about Italy without the benefit of ever being there. He jumped wholeheartedly into the project. He pored over the hundreds of photographs that I supplied him. He read each chapter to delve even farther into the emotion that I wanted that chapter's illustration to convey. Jonathan was even able to capture the personality of the people he was drawing. He executed a very involved project with skill and professionalism and delivered drawings that far exceeded my expectations. Jonathan will bring all his talents to your project. He is a gifted artist, but the talent that makes him so very good is his willingness and ability to listen to his client, to ask questions, and then deliver a piece of art that will more than likely overwhelm you with gratitude. On top of all this Jonathan is a pleasure to work with. AN ITALIAN JOURNEY: A Harvest of Revelations in the Olive Groves of Tuscany.

James S. - commissioned series of book illustrations

It was a pleasure working with Jonathan. We had requested him to do a piece to be displayed during our wedding and our new home. Jonathan took time to ask questions and to know more about us, and what we had in mind. He was able to use the information and coupled with his inspiration, created a piece that captured the beauty of a new life together and the adventures that awaits. What I admire most about his artwork was the thought and heart he put into each stroke of his brush. He does not just fill in dead space, or create visually pleasing images. His art tells a story. He also took time to write up the thought behind each inspiration he had in his work. That was really neat for us as we printed it and displayed it along with art piece on our wedding. Jonathan was also right on time with the delivery of his work.

Lemuel S. - commissioned acrylic portrait

Jon Shaw is a humble, creative and talented artist whose character and creations I deeply admire. He created a beautiful cover to a resource I made - Bible Compass. He also helped me design a classic and clean logo for my small photography business. Jon invested his time and concentration into capturing exactly what I wanted to show the world. Art isn't just a hobby for Jon; it's a passion. 

Micah R. - booklet cover

Milw. Art Museum

Jonathan does really incredible inspired work! I have several of his art pieces throughout my home and love each one! His art is so unique and beautiful yet he is able to capture whatever feeling you are hoping for. Very pleasant to work with and knowledgeable. 

Gretchen W. - art collector

An email from Denisse M. - commissioned watercolor portrait


Hi Jonathan,

I have to share some of the words my family shared with me, they loved it, first speechless.... just staring at the painting for God knows how long, then tears, then many questions about you, and lots and lots of words of gratitude and appreciation.... You are blessed with a beautiful talent Jonathan, THANK YOU!

From my mom: 
"One of the things I appreciate the most is the natural talent that every human being possesses; the chef, photographer, writer, decorator, etc., and when this talent is combined with vision and a sense of love I admire it and appreciate it even more. The painter called Jonathan, to be able to make this beautiful image in watercolor, "soaked himself" in the history of who was going to paint. This time, the reunion of a father and son in heaven, taking into account every single detail in the background these are mountains or hills, where the little one in the family made with love passion his daily tasks as a Mining Engineer. Without a doubt to both of my loves, my "bolitocho" (that was how my mom used to called him) and my great father (my great uncle was like a father to my mother) in this painting we are rendering a great tribute in memory of the legacy they left us. We love you, Let the creator's light be the light that leads to eternal peace."

From my aunts:

"What a great talent, he was able to capture the facial expression they very likely had when they reunited."

"Congratulations! Without a doubt, God provides each and everyone of us with a great talent. Very beautiful images."

"Jonathan, a thousand thanks, congratulations, and blessing. May God continue to nurture that great talent of yours...We are grateful for these beautiful pictures .. Our Medina angels"


"It's so real, it made me have goosebumps!"

Thank you Jonathan! Blessings,



Jonathan provided a visual element to our presentation by painting a picture while stories were read that highlighted the Biblical reference - "The kingdom of heaven is like a grain of mustard seed that a man took and sowed in his field. It is the smallest of all seeds, but when it has grown it is larger than all the garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and make nests in its branches.” He began with a seed pre-painted on the canvas and turned that into a flourishing tree while the readings took place. His painting was a significant addition to the presentation according to the comments from many in attendance.

Jan K. - coordinated live painting performance


 Jonathan is awesome to work with and is the most talented artist I’ve met. He really captured my vision for our shirt design and made it unique with his distinctive style. People tell me how much they love the shirts all the time!
Mark T. - commissioned shirt design

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